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Contact-less live shopping for your wedding needs

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Contactless shopping from Sreetex

Here's how you could shop safe and save more for post COVID-19 era weddings.

The pandemic crisis

Return to normalcy for wedding shopping post the pandemic seems very bleak, the adversity of the crisis couldn’t get any scarier. Our shopping experiences have effectively shrunk down to scrolling through products on a website. While e-commerce is aimed at creating an at-home fast paced shopping experience, we slowly started bidding adieu to the physical and emotional touch and gratification we got from shopping from our favourite local brand.

When it comes to shopping for intimate ceremonies such as a family wedding or buying a gift for someone close to our hearts, how we shop makes a whole lot of difference adding value to what we buy.

Contactless shopping from Sreetex

To support the global fight against COVID-19, we have tapered down customers visiting us and encourage shopping online as much as possible. Being manufacturers and wholesalers, we have been the go to place for wedding purchases for thousands of our patrons who’ve now become an integral part of who we are. You, our patrons, expect our recommendations and suggestions with planning your saree and gift buying, which could never be the same in the online era.

Contact-free live shopping

Contactless shopping from Sreetex

Keeping in mind the true value we develop with our customers, and with the given constraints of online shopping, we now launch a live shopping experience. All you need to do is, fix up an appointment and explain to us about your saree requirements for the wedding or any occasion. We would join you live over messenger or WhatsApp chat or a video call (whichever works for you) to guide you through a hassle free live shopping experience. You could get all of your queries right from, origin of the sarees, maintenance queries and even possibly which colour silk embose would look nice on your aunt, answered by us and our team of expert weavers and designers.

We value your time and ours equally, so we suggest you use the live shopping for your special occasional needs like a family event, wedding, sashtyapthapoorthi etc. (not defining the purpose by placing a monetary cap, but by the utility cap.) Live shopping also grants you access to an exclusively curated wedding and gifting saree collection, that is otherwise not published online, to choose from.

Rest assured, your order will be packed and despatched within 24hrs of placing your order, shipped to you at your doorstep with live tracking of your order shipment.

Save more during lockdown

Contactless shopping from Sreetex

Smaller and local businesses have been the worst hit from the pandemic. Many indegeneous businesses have started offering never before deals on their products to get back on their feet and keep their brand running. So, this might be the time to actually invest in those precious silk sarees that you were always ambiguous of buying. Get great deals from Sreetex with discounts upto 40% on our collection of sarees and jewellery.

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