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Need help with Mention the word sarees and the first thing that pops on our mind is ‘Kanchipuram’. The town has been known for manufacturing silk sarees for many years now.

Generations of weavers have brought name and fame to this town through their artistic weaves that have become a common purchase for many households during weddings especially in Southern India. The fame has now spread across oceans and a silk saree drape is considered a fashion statement amongst designers and celebrities! 😊 Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan would probably completely agree with me! Right?

Amongst the many weaving places (known as thari in Tamil), Sreetex has carved a name for itself in the wedding sarees and 9 yards domain. Both these play a major part in South Indian weddings. Established in the year 1995, they are a family run business operating in various fields with the focus on wedding sarees. Their product line also includes dhotis, ethnic and designer wear, bulk uniform sarees and the very popular revolutionary golu step!

I’m a happy user of the same and can confidently vouch for the quality. This was my mother’s find which came in very handy for this Navratri. It is a wooden structure which can be set into a Golu step and on completion of the festive season can be folded back and used as a book shelf for the rest of the year! No hassle of screws and nuts and bolts! Indeed revolutionary!

Coming back to the saree story, they are known for their collection of 9/10 yard sarees. This as a drape was very popular back in the days of our grandparents and is now only a special occasion drape (Read more at my blog ).

The price range starts at INR 1000 for Madisar and keep increasing depending on the material chosen. If you are looking for similar pieces for all the elders in your family, Sreetex is the right place to approach. They undertake bulk orders and manufacture similar looking sarees at very affordable prices.

While many in the city are finding it difficult to head to Kanchipuram to shop for wedding sarees, Sreetex delivers them to your doorstep (pan-India) and the sarees start at INR 4000 and go up to INR 20,000 for grander drapes. The collection includes silk, silk korvai, silk cotton and much more. Not just for the bride, you can also find sarees to gift to your near and dear ones right here! The greater number of pieces you pick, the better pricing you’ll receive. Isn’t this much better than spending a whole day travelling to Kanchipuram, hiring a mini-van to ensure no relative is missed out for the gala shopping event, breakfast and lunch at Saravana Bhavan, etc. and picking out sarees? Its all a cost-benefit analysis!

Not just these, they also house simple cotton sarees perfect for everyday wear starting at a throw-away price of INR 400.

They are literally a one-stop shop for all saree needs!

Here’s a sneak peek into few of their wedding collections! Shop them at

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